#1 Kash Loans in Saskatchewan

Need some
Fast Kash?

Everyone from time to time needs some extra Kash to pay the bills or purchase an item that you can get a great deal on. Cathedral Kash is the place to go when you need to get money and don’t want to go through a complicated process and a credit check.

  • Absolutely No Credit Check
  • No Bank Statement Check
  • No Pay Stub Check

How does it work? A pawn shop can be a good place to get a few extra dollars for a loan or a quick sale. They typically allow you to either sell an item outright or place the item in the temporary care of the store in exchange for a Kash loan, which must be paid in full plus interest by a specified date.[1] It is a fact that 85% of customers repay their loans and get their collateral items back. If you don’t want to pay back your loan, you simply don’t pay it off and the pawn shop keeps your item without affecting your credit rating. This gives pawn loans a major advantage over payday loans, which trap customers in a debt cycle.

Reference:  [1] www.moneymanagement.org

Reasons to visit
Cathedral Kash


 Cathedral Kash is known in the business for being fair and generous with clients. They also specialize in certain goods such as Kash for gold and Kash for diamonds and can therefore offer you a better price on certain items. Look for a pawn shop that has a good reputation and has been in business for many years. You want to make sure that your item of value is being stored securely. You also want to rest assured that they are not some fly-by-night operation that may go out of business before you have paid off your loan. For these reasons, Cathedral Kash has become the number one lender in Saskatchewan.