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#1 Kash Loans in Saskatchewan

About Us

Cathedral Kash is for families and people struggling financially who are in need of short term collateral based loans that don’t affect their credit ratings. 

Cathedral Kash is a family owned pawn shop that’s been around since 1998 that offers solutions to short term financial problems. We accept electronics, cell phones, gaming systems, musical instruments, jewelry, and more! We have expertise in gold jewelry and diamonds and pride ourselves on being the #1 Kash Loans In Saskatchewan. How did we get there? One satisfied customer at a time.

No Hassle Loans

For those of you who are looking to secure a loan with no hassle credit checks, we offer loans on most valuables. We offer Kash for pawn and Kash for jewelry or gold. We are known for being family-owned and very generous in our prices that they offer to clients wishing to secure a loan. If you need fast money then you can’t beat the prices that Cathedral Kash will offer for your goods, especially gold and diamonds. At Cathedral Kash, you can find loans that you can’t find anywhere else. No bank will lend you money no questions asked. You just have to have some item of value to put up for collateral and we will give you a fair appraisal of it. Or if you prefer you can get Kash paid outright for your merchandise. Look through your jewelry box. You may have some gold items that you never wear! We give Kash for gold or Kash for jewelry.

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Why Shop at Cathedral Kash?

If you have never visited a pawn shop you may ask yourself why shop at Cathedral Kash. We can tell you that you will not be disappointed in what you will find. It is like going on a treasure hunt with deals on jewelry and electronics that you won’t find anywhere else.